Look Out for Social Security Scams

Social Security fraud or scams have become big business for those engaged in this illicit activity.

  • This usually starts with the scammer calling you or sending you an email.
  • The scammer almost always lies stating they are telephoning or emailing from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or another mythic government agency.
  • The scammer then informs you of a  problem with your Social Security number or account and demanding one of several forms of immediate payment to correct this.
  • Your caller ID may show a number that looks official.
  • Documents sent to you via email may also look genuine. However, they are not.

Any communication asking you to pay a fine or a debt that you supposedly owe using gift cards that you are instructed to purchase, wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, or by mailing cash is a fraud.

A SSA representative could potentially call you.

During that call and any communication you receive thereafter:

  • the SSA representative will not threaten you,
  • threaten to suspend your Social Security number,
  • or demand immediate payment from you using any of the methods described above.

If you receive such a call hang up. If you receive such an email delete it. Furthermore, do not give this scammer any personal information. Then file a complaint with the SSA at OIG.SSA.GOV.

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