Elder Abuse Prevention & Prosecution Act

A new federal law passed in October 2017 is aimed at combating Elder Abuse through a more thorough understanding of the issue and prosecution of the perpetrators.

The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act of 2017 mandates the federal government:

  • create a new elder justice coordinator position for federal districts, as well as at the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice,
  • implement new training on elder abuse for Federal Bureau of Investigation agents,
  • and operate a resource group aimed at assisting prosecutors pursuing elder abuse cases.

The law also includes several measures directly aimed at protecting seniors.

For example, the definition of prohibited telemarketing has been expanded to include email fraud such as solicitations for investment motivated by profit.

The Department of Justice is also required to provide training and support to states in fighting such abuse while also investigating and collecting data on incidents where it has occurred.

Finally, the federal government is now authorized to implement a review of a state’s guardianship and conservatorship processes with its highest court and implement changes based on the findings.

This comprehensive effort attempts to address the causes, methods, and effects of elder abuse all while trying to assist and prevent victims.

If you believe you or a loved one are the victim of elder abuse please contact Adult Protective Services, or the local police.

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