What is Elder Law?

This field of law secures proper care and future security for the growing elderly population.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to embrace the idea of pre-crisis management and planning for the future. With the right assistance, much of a person’s assets can be safeguarded and their wishes can be made known and followed should the unforeseen happen.

Have you ever said or overheard someone else say I do not need estate planning? Many try to rationalize this statement with thinking such as, “I am too young,” or “I own everything with my spouse.”

While this sounds acceptable, in reality by failing to plan you are placing your trust in the legislature to enact laws that will make the same choices that you would in many situations.

Without estate planning, your disability or death can result in your loss of control as Maryland’s laws and the cases interpreting them will make many of the important decisions for you.

Abraham & Bauer LLC is an independent firm with over 25 years of experience in Elder Law and a commitment to creating the best outcome for our clients in any situation.

Some of the services Abraham & Bauer LLC provide include:

  • Preparation of estate planning documents such as powers of attorney, Advanced Health Care Directives, wills, trusts, and deeds.
  • Assessment of a family’s financial situation, consolidation of assets, income-producing annuities, liquidation of certain investments, changing ownership or titling of investments, insurance products, or other property.
  • Compiling required documentation to present for a Medicaid or other government assistance program, auditing financial records to ensure eligibility for such programs, and counseling on how to maintain proper records and properly spending down with an asset preservation plan.
  • Enhancement of financial resources through actions such as a reverse mortgage or an equity loan, where appropriate.
  • Negotiations with a nursing home regarding billing or back payments owed, the processing of required medical reports and forms, securing admission to a nursing home or transfer from one facility to another, and insuring that the facility is paid and the client received the requisite care.
  • Longstanding relationships with professionals in other ancillary fields such as financial advisors, accountants, real estate agents, other attorneys, and insurance agents – all of whom specialize in working with the elderly or disabled.

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We will be publishing information to answer some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Topics such as the basics of estate planning and why it is necessary, the associated taxes, probate, ensuring future care for minor children, powers of attorney, reverse mortgages, living trusts, and social security among others will be covered.

Remember, failing to plan is failing to plan.

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Estate planning is a gift to your loved ones!