Medicaid Spend Down

Medical Assistance (Medicaid) is a means-tested program providing medical insurance for long term care.

Medicaid covers everything from standard medical care to nursing home or personal home care services. But to qualify, an applicant must meet the program’s strict technical, medical, and financial requirements.

A person cannot own more than $2,000 in assets and be eligible for Medicaid.

As covered in another article, there are also restrictions on what a person can do to reach that asset limit. Put simply, any transfer of an asset for less than market value to a non-exempt person will result in a period of ineligibility for the applicant.

However, spending money on many things that benefits the applicant is allowed. Some of the most common expenditures include:

  1. Medical care or equipment
  2. Paying of debt
  3. Establishing an irrevocable preneed
  4. Funeral service trust
  5. Home repairs
  6. Or certain personal items.

The first four of these are self-explanatory but the last can be quite broad in meaning:

  • Buying a new automobile
  • Home
  • Wardrobe
  • Or even a piece of furniture have all been found to be acceptable items applicants can spend down on in appropriate circumstances.

Every application is unique, for assistance with qualification, application, or any other aspect of the Medicaid process contact Abraham & Bauer today.

Planning ahead is a gift to your loved ones!