Abraham and Bauer continues to provide representation to guardianship cases around Maryland.

We are retained as petitioning counsel, counsel appointed by the court to represent the alleged disabled persons, and/or the guardian of property appointed by the court. We also continue representation outside of court by assisting appointed Guardians when requested by the respective clients.

A Guardian of Person appointment can ensure that an individual’s rights are properly protected when they may not be able to protect themselves.

Guardianships can also include protection of a person’s income and assets through the appointment of a Guardian of Property.

Guardianships are formal court proceedings. The State Court system mandates the protection of citizens who, because of their age or a disability, cannot personally do so. Sufficient evidence must be presented to warrant State’s intervention in such a case.

In situations concerning adults, the use of properly drafted estate planning documents called Advanced Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney will usually prevent court intervention and the necessity to appoint guardians.

Guardianship ensures that an individual’s rights are properly protected when they may not be able to protect themselves.


  • Creating Guardianships in Maryland Creating Guardianships in MarylandGuardianships can occur when people fail to plan for disability which then occurs. Maryland has a vested interest in protecting its citizens and what they own.
  • What is Guardianship? What is Guardianship?In Maryland, a guardianship may become necessary when an individual fails to appropriately institute an estate plan, a Power of Attorney and an Advance Health Care Directive.