Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Medicaid Applications and Planning

Applying for Medicaid does not have to be a stressful process. Mr. Abraham has years of experience successfully and smoothly assisting clients through the planning and application process.

Proper representation includes the development and implementation of Medical Assistance plans to preserve assets.

Concept photo of Medical Assistance - Medicaid Appeals, Applications and Planning – Applying for Medicaid does not have to be a stressful process.

Medicaid Applications

When appropriate, the plans include the completion and filing of the Medical Assistance application.

Representation will then continue up to when the applicant is granted eligibility into Maryland’s Medical Assistance program. When necessary, Medical Assistance applications may result in litigation in the form of an appeal.

Medicaid Appeals

Denial of Medical Assistance (Medicaid) benefits often does not signify the end of an application process. Applications are commonly denied for improper reasons. Applicants have the right to appeal a denial when they believe the rejection is incorrect. Additionally, the local Department of Social Services does not always process Medical Assistance applications in a timely manner. When this occurs, an appeal can be filed to preserve an application.

When necessary, Mr. Abraham also files appeals as a component of continuing Medicaid representation. On occasion, he is retained for the sole purpose of filing appeals on the denial of Medicaid.


  • The “Look-Back Period” for a Medical Assistance Application The “Look-Back Period” for a Medical Assistance Application“The Medical Assistance or “Medicaid” applicant must meet several criteria to obtain benefits. If deemed eligible, Medicaid will partially offset the applicant’s cost of nursing home care.
  • Medicaid Spend Down Medicaid Spend DownMedicaid covers everything from standard medical care to nursing home or personal home care services. But to qualify, an applicant must meet the program’s strict technical, medical, and financial requirements.
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  • Using Immediate Annuities to “Spend Down” for Medicaid Using Immediate Annuities to "Spend Down" for MedicaidTo qualify for Medicaid, a Federal program wherein the government pays a portion if not all of an elderly patient’s long-term care costs, an applicant cannot own more than $2,500 in countable assets.
  • Paying Medicare Online Paying Medicare OnlineMost banks allow customers to pay bills from large, stable debtors such as credit cards companies, utilities, or nationwide retailers directly from their bank account. That service is now available to Medicare recipients.
  • Life Estate Deeds Advantages & Disadvantages Life Estate Deeds Advantages & DisadvantagesToday, it is possible to re-title the ownership of many assets by adding a beneficiary. When the asset is real property, for example your house, this occurs through the use of a life estate deed.
  • The Highs & Lows of the Home Health Care Sector The Highs & Lows of the Home Health Care SectorAs baby boomers approach and live past retirement age it is no surprise that significant demands will be placed on every industry associated with caring for the elderly.
  • Nursing Home Admission Agreements Nursing Home Admission AgreementsNursing homes require a written “Admissions Agreement.” This is a complex and binding contract typically signed before admission occurs.